You Deserve the Absolute Best

Project Iron cut its teeth by training some of the world's top athletes and competitors. We use nothing but the absolute best professional grade equipment.

  • Rogue® Monster Racks (×4)
  • Mono-Lift
  • Deadlift Bars (×3)
  • Eleiko® Olympic Platform
  • Dumbbells 5 lb - 200 lb
  • Rogue® Competition Bumpers
  • Medball Array
  • Rogue® IPF Plates
  • 60 ft Turf
  • Westside Barbell® Belt Squat
  • Smashball Array
  • Thompson Fat Bells®
  • StairMaster® StepMill (×3)
  • Texas Power Bar (×6)
  • Rogue Ohio Bar (×4)
  • Kettlebell Array
  • Bench Presses (×3)
  • Westside Barbell® Inverse Curl
  • Arsenal Strength® Leg Press
  • Kabuki™ Duffalo Bar
  • TrueForm® Treadmill (×3)
  • Specialty & Accessory Pieces
  • Rogue® Bella Bar (×3)
  • Arsenal Strength® 8 Stack
  • Rogue® Monster Bands
  • Rogue® Reverse Hyper
  • Arsenal Strength® Hip Thrust
  • And much, much more...

Did You Know?

A lot of specialty gyms and training studios claim to have similar machines and equipment but in fact they keep the expensive pieces locked up and unavailable to regular members.


A Few of Our Featured Pieces

Got the fundamentals and free weights covered? Then take a closer look at some of our more unique pieces of equipment that won't find in most big box gyms.

Glute Bridge | AR-GB

This is how you build a booty.

Coveted around the world for the jaw-dropping results it delivers, the Glute Bridge just might be the single biggest advantage you can have to building a bigger, better, booty.

Power Squat | AR-PS

There is no other comparison.

This Heavy duty Power Squat cannot be compared. Mandatory for every gym, this piece does not disappoint with its heavy duty look and feel. The Power Squat also has an oversized footplate for various leg positions to target muscles differently.

Vertical Leg Press | AR-VLP

The most unique leg press ever made.

This is a must have in any gym for its unique design and ability to target muscle groups like never before. If your goal is to build a world class gym, unique personal training studio, or offer your members a great piece of equipment, the Vertical Leg Press is the one.

Ready to Start Using Real Equipment?

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