It All Started with a Store

Fourteen years ago, the founders of Project Iron opened a small supplement store on the wrong side of the tracks. It wasn’t much, but it was all they could afford at the time. And more importantly, it was theirs.

The location wasn’t great, but everything else was. It wasn’t long before word spread about the humble supplement shop with outstanding service and legendary protein shakes.

Less than a year later, a second location opened.

Then another.

And another.

The quality of service never lessened and the shakes just kept getting better, but still something was missing. Customers wanted (and deserved) a supplement brand as noteworthy and reliable as this store they’d grown to love.

And so, Blue Star Nutraceuticals® was born – in the same humble fashion as the store that came before it.

And once again, word began to spread.

Local support developed into national attention. National attention to global esteem. And all the while it wasn’t celebrity endorsement, mass media advertising, or private equity investment fuelling the fire – it was word of mouth.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals was attracting the attention of professional athletes and competitors by providing them with the tools they needed to perform at the highest level. But they were also creating professional athletes and competitors by giving everyday people those tools and then teaching them how to use them.

It wasn’t long before Blue Star Nutraceuticals found itself with a roster of athletes, competitors, and fitness models – and they all needed a place to go to share their knowledge.

So the founders once again returned to their humble beginnings. And that’s how an unmarked end unit in an unassuming industrial park became one of the finest training facilities ever built.

Athletes were flying in from around the world to visit the private Blue Star Nutraceuticals training facility – and for good reason. The equipment was handcrafted, American made, and meticulously serviced. The weights were always exactly where they should be. The atmosphere was one of community and kinship. And the overall experience was unlike anything anywhere else.

That’s when the founders realized that this wasn’t just the gym experience they wanted, it was the gym experience a lot of people wanted.

And so, after 1000s of hours (and millions of views) of YouTube training videos, countless pro athlete training seminars, and an international fitness magazine cover shoot, the exclusive private training facility decided to make memberships available to the public…

…but only if they asked nicely.

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